Thursday, May 17, 2018

Our Summer Plans.....or not

I cannot believe we are just about a month away from Summer Vacation here!!! My kiddos have about 5 weeks left of school and all the talk around here is about what activities we are signing up for.
I have to be honest... I am on team no schedule for the Summer!
In my perfect world, everyday would look like this......
The school year is filled with scheduled things... school, homework, dance, sports, musical concerts, teacher meetings... by June I am ready to just take the day as it comes. I think my kids need that too.
Now I know some kids thrive on structure and would be lost without for them a scheduled Summer is just what they need.
But for us, I love flipping over my calendar to July and not seeing much on there.
I am hoping that without a structured schedule my kids can continue to learn how to enjoy life without being told what to do and where to be and when to be there.

Yes there are days where they say "I'm bored". We try to combat that with a list of things we can do over the Summer. 
I am a simple Summer girl....hello lemonade stand!
or a trip to the playground....
or get out and ride your bike....

head to town for ice cream with a friend.........

or go as a family for a round of golf.

There is nothing better than heading down to the boat for dinner and reading...because it's a beautiful night and there are no obligations.

And let's not forget staying up late to have a fire and smores!!

So that's my take on Summer. I love to just be able to lay back and take it easy with my crew and not worry about needing to be somewhere!
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites.... there's always room for one more at our family table.

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