Monday, May 14, 2018

Something New for Your Family Table Week #16.....Grillable Veggie Burger

Happy Monday friends!!! I hope all the Mama's out there enjoyed their day yesterday!
So I have been on a mission to make a great veggie burger. I tried this one last week and really liked it. 3 out of 4 in my house liked it too!
Luke was the odd man out that said it "was not a real burger". I guess he is the true carnivore among us!
It has a random assortment of ingredients and I had to admit I was a little nervous about how they would taste together. Like walnuts and black beans???
But it turned out delicious. 
I have found that to be the case more often in vegetarian cooking. There seems to be a bunch of ingredients that you may not think of putting together, but the end result usually pretty good!
Another finding with vegetarian dishes is that they usually require a few more steps, so I always recommend reading through the entire recipe before you get started. 
This recipe started out with toasting the walnuts. Sidenote... I made the mistake of walking away from them and burnt them, so I had to toss my first batch. Stay with your walnuts! Ha!
After letting them cool, you add them to the foodprocessor with a bunch of spices and it blends into a wonderful smelling mixture of goodness!
While the walnuts cool, I sauteed some onion and let that cool too.

 The recipe said to mash up the black beans, but to leave some whole. So I did my best to do a rough mash with a fork.
Then you add walnut mixure, onions, cooked rice,BBQ sauce and some panko to the beans. Mix it all up and form it into burgers. Mine made 5 burgers. At this point I did chill them in the fridge for 30 minutes to get them to hold their shape.
I grilled them and added some cheddar on top for the kids. I made mine and Paul's with some pepperjack cheese, guac and arugala and they were pretty darn good!
My only drawback is they were a bit on the dry side. Not sure what would help that.. a little more BBQ or less panko? But we still enjoyed them and I will make again this Summer!

See you tomorrow, there's always room for one more at our family table.

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