Wednesday, June 6, 2018

May Book Review

Hey, hey its book review day!!! This month was so good for two reasons. One, I got to do a lot of my reading outside....

And two, I enjoyed every book I read this month!!!

Now let's get into it!

My Dad read this book and recommended it to me. I have read Kristin Hannah before and was excited to read another one. 
The Great Alone
A story about a young girl, Lenora,  with troubled parents and their move to Alaska as a way to solve their problems. This book shared some of the harsh realities of Alaska in the Winter (think 18 hours of darkness, wild animals) and what that can do to a person's psyche. It gave an alarming look at both what that can do to a family as well as how a community can come together to work through it. I fell in love with Lenora's character and was rooting for her the whole time.. such a great read!

 I have seen this one recommended by quite a few bloggers and it has been on my TBR (to be read) pile for a bit.
The Wife Between Us
The Wife Between Us
I am so glad I read this one! It is not a fluffy read, nope... it's one of those thrillers where you cannot wait for it to end because you have to know what happens! And yet you are on the edge of your seat reading it and nervous because you kind of don't want to know... does that sound crazy?
It's about a woman and how she is coping (or not) with her ex'-husband's new fiancee.
It's good. Like read in a day or a weekend good.
Grab a copy for your pool bag today!

If you read any of my book reviews last year, then you know I love Beatriz Williams. She had a new book out and I was so excited when I saw it at my local library.
Cocoa Beach: A Novel
Cocoa Beach
The thing I love about her is the time periods she sets her books....she writes in a way that transports me to another era.  This book had all the favorites from her writing.. historical era, romance, family and a powerful female lead! While it was not my favorite from her, I did enjoy it and think it would make a great beach read!

I have read a few books from Colleen Hoover and I love her!! It Ends with Us and November 9 have been two of my favorites and this one here is being added to my favorites list!
I love her books, mostly because of the way she tells the story. She makes me truly understand the characters and just fall in love with their story.  This book shared the story of Auburn a young girl that falls in love at 15 and suffers a terrible loss. She finds herself living in a new state and coming to terms with her new life, when she meets an artist that paints people's confessions. Their stories become entwined in a way that has you wanting to keep reading. I loved this story!

This book was kind of a random grab. I have seen it in the best seller section over the past few weeks and after reading the summary I decided to give it a read.
The Good Daughter: A Novel
The Good Daughter
I have to tell you this was one I could not put down. I could not stop thinking about it and wanting to know what happened next. It was the story of two sisters that come from a family filled with tragedy and are thrown back into another tragedy later in life. I will warn you, one of the sisters endures some horrific things in the book and it was a bit hard for me to get through those parts, but the ending made up for it :)

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Summer makes me want to read all the books, so if you have any great ones I need to read next, please drop them in the comments!!
Have a great Wednesday!
See you tomorrow, there's always room for one more at our family table.


  1. If you like historical fiction, you should read Beneath a Scarlet Sky. I am in the middle of it right now and love it! It is about a young man in Italy during World War II.

  2. That's always a win when all your books are enjoyable! I have read Wife between us, and all the others are on my TBR list. Just waiting on library holds.

    1. I know right... makes me so happy!!! Wife Between Us was so good!!

  3. I've heard lots of raves about the Wife Between Us. I'm excited to add it to my summer list! I've also heard B. Williams is a great author too! Thanks for sharing!!