Thursday, June 7, 2018

Three Things Summer 2018

Hi friends! It's time for another round of three things!
I like to do this post every 6 months or so... it's fun to look back and see what my crew is up to or what they have been into lately. So here is a peek at three things about my kiddos!

The most exciting thing in Ella's world right now is finishing elementary school and getting ready to head off to middle school in September! We have had a wonderful 6 years in elementary (kindergarten-5th). She has made so many great friends and has had some amazing teachers! There is a "Moving Up Day" to close out the school year and celebrate moving up to the middle school. I have not yet seen any nervousness from her about the middle school. Her big question....When can we go school supply shopping???
Yep she's the girl that wants to go buy next year's supplies on the first day of Summer Vacation!

Ella is 10 1/2 and we have begun giving her more independence over the past few months. She might stay by herself for 20 minutes while I run to the store or drop Luke off at practice. She loves this little piece of freedom and always recites the rules to me as I leave her 😉

She loved learning to play the violin these past 2 years and is excited to continue playing in middle school. She also picked up playing the ukelele.
Not sure where she got her musical talent (not from Paul or I) but it's fun to listen to her play!
And speaking of talent.. she is gearing up for her dance recital next weekend!

I have shared this about Luke before, but he gets really into certain things and then forgets about them. Lately it's been certain sports. He was obsessed with all things football in the fall... collected jerseys, hats, card, recorded every NFL game and then basketball started... he collected jerseys, hats, cards, recorded every NBA game and then his baseball season started. He has not started a collection yet, but is really into playing and has started to watch some MLB too. Although I have to admit, I can watch a lot of sports, but baseball on TV is not very exciting to me #sorrybaseballfans
Funny thing about Luke. He watched so many NFL games, then playoff season started and he kind of stopped watching and started watching basketball. Now the basketball playoffs are in full swing and he has begun watching baseball! Paul is like how do you stop watching when it's the best part???
That's Luke.

This kid is still a pretty avid reader. He loves wandering Barnes & Noble.
I have tried to push him towards the library, but as I have mentioned before, he is a collector.
Remember last Summer was the Who Is/Who Was series, I think we have over 100 of those books!
This Summer he is loving The Heroes of Olympus from Rick Riordan. He had a bunch of Barnes & Noble gift cards and of course bought the series ( I think there were 6 books?)

He is an outdoor kid! He comes home from school, unpacks his bag, eats a snack and is outside until I tell him he has to come in. He is happy doing anything out there... kickball with friends, shooting hoops, playing in the creek, riding bikes, finding bugs.... he just loves being outside! Although he does like to get dressed up too.....

So that's a little bit about E&L as they get ready to close out another school year! 

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites, there's always room for one more at our family table.