Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Favorites

Yay for Friday and finishing the last full week of school! My crew has one and a half days left until Summer Vacation. I realized that yesterday and really took my time at Target.... it was probably my last solo trip until the Fall....
Let's move on to happier thoughts, like my favorites from the week!
As always, I am linking up with three of my favorite blogging friends, ErikaNarci & Andrea to share a few of my favorites from this week. 

I got to spend the day with Ella and her friends at an amusement park this week! 

This is her last year of elementary school and the highlight of 5th grade is this field trip. She has been talking about it for close to three years! While it was exciting to go, it was bittersweet that it means she is done with elementary school...
A bonus was I got to spend the day with one of my best friends too. Our girls are in class together! I am not a ride person, but here we are braving the ferris wheel. 
It was a beautiful day, so we spent some time at the water park, where I caught Ella in a perfect split. 
And she was much braver than I, riding a few roller coasters!
It was a fun day spent with my best girl!

Speaking of my trip to the amusement park, I have to tell you again about these  shoes! They are perfect for any Summer event where you will be walking around all day. So comfy and they are perforated so your feet stay really cool! I have them in  blush and  grey and I live in them!

And sticking with Summer must haves, I shared some simple Summer outfit ideas yesterday, like this one....

.....and this one....
Shorts    Tank   Sandals
You can check out the whole post  here.

I made my favorite  Summer dessert last weekend and think you need to make it this Summer too! In case you are new here, I used to own a cupcake bakeshop, so every once in a while I leak one of my favorite cupcake recipes.
These  Key Lime Pie Cupcakes are ah-mazing. They have a graham cracker crust under the cake and a tangy lime frosting! They would be perfect for Father's Day. You can grab the recipe  here.

Last weekend we went to our first Summer concert of the year and had the best time! Three of my favorite things are good weather, live music and great friends!
Our picture was also in the newspaper the next day, so I am basically famous now, right?😉

We have a full weekend with dance recitals, baseball games, a fundraiser and celebrating Father's Day!!!
I hope you guys have a great weekend!
See you on Monday, there's always room for one more at our family table.

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  1. That's so neat you made the paper!!!! Those key lime cupcakes would be a hit with my crew! Have a great weekend! - Shannon