Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Little Life Lately....

Hi friends! I hope you all had a fun 4th of July. I think today should be a holiday's always tough to get back into it after a late night of fireworks! So fill up your coffee and enjoy this fun post, filled with lots of random pics!
Welcome to this post of Life Lately.....also known as a dump of random photos on my phone!!! Summer is here and we are soaking up every.single.minute! I have a philosophy in the Summer that I will clean my house on days it rains and well... we have had gorgeous weather. So while my house may look borderline like something out of a Hoarder's episode, I don't really care because we have been having all the fun!!
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So the kids and I stumbled across the cutest little donut shop. Peace, Love and Little Donuts just opened near us. They have the cutest little donuts and they custom make each one for you!
They are all a cake based mini donut and they top them while you watch. Oh and they are warm too!! It was a fun spot to stop. They seem to be a chain, so maybe you have one near you too! 
We took advantage of strawberry season and went picking with some friends. Luke was a picking machine! 
I call these nature's candy. They were so sweet, we could not stop eating them! 

I had to use them up, so I made Paul's favorite, strawberry rhubarb pie! 
We have finished up playing baseball for the regular season and just have a few tournaments left for the Summer. Luke had a great season and has really found his groove as a pitcher.
This pic is Luke on first and Paul is the first base coach. 
 After our last playoff game we had a celebration at our coach's house and the kids got to watch The Sandlot on the big screen outside. It was a fun ending to a great season and we sure love our baseball "family".

Paul and I have gotten out to try some new patio spots with friends......
and we have gone to two great Summer concerts! 
The kids have not been left out. We found a great new patio at a local Mexican restaurant for dinner last week.
Where the kids found fun with the decor! 
Senorita Ella.... 
The kids both started golf lessons this week. I love that they are learning this sport. I think it's a great life skill and something fun we can do as a family.

Paul took Luke out for a little practice and he birdied a 4 par....from Luke's smile, he was pretty pumped! And Paul was a bit jealous😉 
It would not be life lately for us in the Summer without some boat pics! We have had a great stretch of warm weather that is finally warming up the weather to swim in it. 
Love our time on the boat, just relaxing and hanging out. We swim, read, play a few games of Uno and listen to some great boat music! 

I snapped this pic last week. We took Paul's cousins out for dinner on the water and it was just the most beautiful sky on the way back to the marina. 
June was a beauty and I am so excited for all the fun we have planned in July!
Happy Summer friends!
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites. There is always room for one more at our family table. 

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  1. I love Peace, Love and Little Donuts! We have 2 in the area.