Tuesday, July 10, 2018

TBB Asks... Summer Vacation Edition

Hey friends! I am linking up with the ladies over at The Blended Blog for their monthly Q &A. This month is all about vacations! Who doesn't love talking about and taking great vacations!?
So here is a peek at our "Vacation Style".....

1. Will you go on a Summer vacation this year?
Yep!!! We are heading to the beach with friends!! We visited them a two Summers ago and loved it.

They told us a cottage opened up next to them and we jumped on it!

2. Do nothing but relax or pack it all in vacation?
Nothing but relax.....for the most part. I love to just sit and read and just be. But I also do like an adventure on our trip too.....

3. What month do you like to vacation?
We love to do a Winter getaway in February. It's so cold here in the Winter and we are ready for a break, so we head south to visit Paul's parents.

4. Cruise Yes or No??
I think so....Not a solid answer, I know. I went on a cruise my senior year of high school and have not been on since, so maybe that's my answer! Paul has not been on one. We have talked about it, but it's not high on our list. Neither one of us likes to be "scheduled" on vacation, so that part makes me a bit wary. But I think my kids would love it!

5. Favorite Vacation Tradition
We like to get an ornament whenever we go somewhere new. I love when we decorate our tree and the kids pull out an ornament from someplace we have visited and we tell stories of that vacation!

6. Most Memorable Vacation
Gosh there have been a few, but I think for me it was a few years ago when we took both of our parents on vacation with us.

We rented a large house for all of us and I still think how cool it was, especially for the kids to spend a week on vacation with all four of their grandparents!

7. Pack light or pack it all?
This sums it up.  #packallthethings

8. Hotel, Condo or House?
All of the above?? I love the luxuries of a hotel vacation...hello poolside cocktails and towel service!

 But I also love the room and flexibility of having a condor or house. And Paul can always bring me a towel😉

9. Favorite things to eat on vacation?
Nothing really specific sticks out, except ice cream. I mean every vacation should involve ice cream.

10. Warm or Cold Destination?
Warm. Always Warm

How about you? Any favorite vacation destinations? Vacation traditions? Vacation bloopers???

See you tomorrow, thre is always room for one more at our family table.

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