Monday, July 2, 2018

Something New for Your Family Table Week #23...Zucchini Pie

Happy July friends!!! We are in settling right into Summer here and it feels so good!! One of our favorite Summer things to do is get fresh produce from local farmers markets. I would like to say I can grow my own, however between bunnies, deer and my less than stellar watering abilities it doesn't quite happen!
Anyway, one of my favorite Summer veggies is squash...zucchini or yellow squash. And it always plentiful at our local markets. I have done all kinds of different recipes with it, from zucchini bread, to zucchini boats, roll-ups or just roasting it.
 I came across  this recipe for  zucchini pie and was excited to try it. 
I have done something similar with spaghetti squash, but this one seemed more quiche-like.
A few tips for you from when I made this recipe.You can get the full recipe  here. Make sure you salt the zucchini and let it sit for about 20 minutes to draw out the water. 
The recipe then calls for you to put it in a clean kitchen towel and wring out the excess water. Do not skip this step... the pie will not set if there is too much water.
Your kitchen will smell amazing when you are sauteing the tomatoes, garlic and oregano! 
Be sure to place the filled springform pan on a baking sheet to cook it. Mine did leak a little, so the pan helped catch the drips. 
It was so pretty when it came out! It can be served warm or at room temperature. We had ours with a salad and it got two thumbs up from my family table! 

Have the best week!
See you tomorrow, there is always room for one more at our family table.

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