Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Fun at the Toronto Aquarium

Hey there Wednesday!! So yesterday I shared some of our beach fun from last week. We had a few rainy days and decided to take a day trip to Toronto to check out the aquarium. It has been recently redone and we had heard some great things about it, so off we went! We got our tickets and I thought they were so cute. We each had a different sea creature. I am such sucker for detail like this!

We got to see so many great fish on our visit. 
When I said we were going to the aquarium in Toronto, Luke came out of the cottage in a shark shirt and his Toronto Raptors hat! I was like, "how did you have this perfect outfit for our day?" Ha! 

Our favorite part was the sharks. I mean we were just coming off of Shark Week so obviously! We tried to get a picture, but it did not go so well. 
You enter the shark exhibit and stand along a people mover as it takes you through. You are surrounded by glass on all sides and over top.  
The highlight was watching the sharks swim right over top of us!! 
This Saw Shark was a crowd favorite! At least with my crowd😉 

Ella loved this big sea turtle! 

And this was one of the biggest rays I have ever seen! 
My favorite exhibit was the jelly fish. They colors were amazing!!!! 
And it blows my mind that something so think and flowy can be a living creature! 
There were quite a few opportunities for some hands-on fun. 
We got to touch some horseshoe crabs and baby sharks 
And the kids crawled through a tube while some sharks swam above them!! 

Ella made herself into a virtual jellyfish..... 
And then her jellyfish swam up the screen! 
Part of the visit showed the water and filtration systems, color coded for each exhibit. I thought that was kind of cool to see. There were some informational signs sharing different temperature requirements based on the species in the tanks. 
We also had the opportunity to pet some searays too! 

We were totally off our selfie game!!! LOL 
It was a really great aquarium. If you are close to drive there to visit I would definitely make the trip. It's right in the heart of downtown Toronto, next to the CN Tower and the stadium for the Blue Jays 
It would be a fun little weekend getaway! 
We grabbed lunch at the Rec Room, which was right across the street. It was a casual spot with a great patio and lots of seating.  

The kids' meals came with a donut for dessert so they were thrilled!!! 
Here is a pic of the restaurant. It was an old train station converted into a restaurant. There is also a huge gaming section, similar to Dave & Buster's. It was a convenient,easy place to eat with kids. They had a nice variety on the menu, good food, free popcorn and did I mention the donuts??? 
On our way back to the car, we noticed all the shrubs outside the aquarium were shaped like sealife. Luke wanted a pic with the turtle. 
We enjoyed our quick trip to was a great way to pass the day while it rained at the beach.
See you tomorrow, there is always room for one more at our family table.

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  1. Hilariously enough, we did almost this exact trip not long ago, too! lol I guess when you're in Buffalo that's just what you do!! Haha We stayed in a hotel across the street from the CN tower and walked to that and the aquarium and loved both! Although the aquarium was SO busy and my kids were over the crowds pretty quickly. It was great staying right there and walking everywhere we went. It was during the Winter break last year in Feb and we had a weirdly WARM weekend, we didn't even need coats, it was amazing!!