Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Our Boston Getaway Day 1

Hey friends! So last week, the kids and I jetted off to Boston for a whirlwind trip with my parents and sister. The reason behind Boston....My sister, Emma loves Donnie Walhberg. And so since Boston is his hometown, she is loves all things Boston. We planned a quick trip to Boston for her birthday gift. She was so pumped to see her plane ticket to Boston on her birthday!
Our only issue was she thought for sure part of the package was meeting Donnie.....

I will warn you two things before you start reading.
1. There are a lot of pics. A LOT.
2. I loved Boston. LOVED.
We had a really early flight (like up at 3am early). The kids popped right out of bed, they were so excited! Paul did not come, as he was flying out the same day to Nashville for work. He visits his parents in Florida alone every year and when we go to Florida as a family to visit, it's like a vacation for us, so we do lots of fun things. While my parents live close by, and we see them often, it's usually the everyday kind of visits, so I was looking forward to some "special time" with my parents!
We had a quick hour flight to Boston....

and we made it to the bus to take us to the hotel.
We stayed at the Boston SeaPort Hotel. It was on the water and I thought a great location. It wasn't quite in the heart of the craziness, but a short bus ride to/from the airport and a 20 minute walk to the start of the Freedom Trail. It was on the water and had some great views!
Speaking of walking. We walked. And walked. Boston is a very walkable city and there is lots to see and do along the walk. After we dropped our bags at the hotel, we set out for the Freedom Trail. It was around 8:30am, so the city was bustling with people on their way to work. We saw the Tea Party Ships & Museum,but did not stop for the tour.

We made a stop at Starbucks for some morning fuel and a snack, since we had all been up since 3am!
The Boston Common was where we started our walk on the Freedom Trail and the kids were happy to climb around Tadpole Playground.

Next we saw the Massachusetts State Building....
and made our way to Granary Burying Ground. Luke was enamored with the old gravestones,

The King's Chapel was next.
 We sat in the pews that were purchased by wealthy families. They owned the pew and sat in them for services. The poor sat in benches in the rafters. Ella was the only one who was aware I was taking a picture of the pew😉
The kids wanted a pic of the Democratic Donkey (in reality both wanted to mount it....)

Luke loves all things seafood, and was pumped to come across Lukes's Lobster. Naturally we had to stop for a photo op!
We saw a few more sites along the way and found ourselves at Faneuil Hall around lunch time.

There were lots of shops that the kids were thrilled to wander around!
We planned our lunch at Quincy Market.
Luke found a huge lobster roll with his name on it!
There was a Magnolia Bakery so we grabbed a few treats to go.
We walked back to the hotel to rest for a while. We had been up early and on the go,so we needed to rest before our Red Sox game.
As we were leaving for the game, there was a special delivery for Emma...

Ok, now onto the Red Sox game. (FYI we ubered to and from the game)I could probably write an entire post on Fenway Park. It is an experience going to a game there.
I wish we had gone earlier to check more stuff out and I am already planning to go to another game there!
The entire area around the park is bustling at game time. We had planned to eat at Wahlburgers (there is one right by the park) but the wait was so long!
Once you get through security there is a whole world of fun things to do.
They have an awesome kidzone with virtual reality stuff, the chance to ptich a few balls, mascots and so much more!
Inline image
We did as much as we could before the game.

Inline image

Inline image
We ate ballpark dogs for dinner and got cotton candy for dessert.
We sang Take Me Out the Ballgame and Sweet Caroline at the top of our lungs. 
Inline image
The Sox didn't win, but it was still one of the coolest places I have ever been. And I am not that big of a baseball fan!
Inline image

We ubered back to our hotel and passed out....a FULL day in Boston! 
Day 2 was filled with some fun Boston sports history, a trip to Little Italy and dinner at Wahlburgers... I'll share some day 2 fun on Thursday!
See you tomorrow for What's Up Wednesday, there is always room for one more at our family table.

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