Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Our Trip to the Beach!

Hey friends!!! We spent most of last week up at the beach with some good friends! It was a low key week with a fun day trip thrown in. Here's a peek at our trip in pictures😉
First we had to drop off Maddie. She spent the week at a farm, living her best life with lots of furry friends!
And then we loaded the car. I think we brought nearly everything we owned. It took me two weeks of collecting, buying and organizing things for a one week trip! 
The kids were in there somewhere!! 
First we had to get through two baseball games with Luke and then we could officially start vacation! 
Canada is just a hop, skip and a jump from where we live. The toughest part of getting there is usually traffic at the border.  
We unloaded a few things and headed to the water. Ella was happy to stretch her legs! 

Our first full day was beautiful and we spent the day with our toes in the sand! 
And eating all the snacks!! 
We had a big clambake for dinner. One that was thrown on the table... no plates or utensils required! 
It was a beautiful sunset! 
The next day brought lots of waves and we made full use of our boogie boards. 
We even had a quick visit from some of our friends! 
Every night we had a fire. 
And our friends introduced us to spider dogs.....
The next couple days brought a lot of rain. So we spent some time in the cottage reading.... 
And played lots of Uno!! 
We took a day trip on one of the rainy days to Toronto and visited the aquarium. I'll share more on our Toronto fun tomorrow!
The sun came back out on Thursday and we took our reading back to the beach! 
Ella and I worked on building a mermaid in the sand. 

And Luke built a fort by the water.
We all played in an awesome cornhole tournament. Luke and his partner made it to the championship! 
Inline image
We had a great time. Love doing the beach with this crew!
Don't love coming home to all the laundry!! 
3 more weeks until school starts! Keeping the Summer fun going until then!
See you tomorrow....there is always room for one more at our family table.


  1. YAY for Long Beach!!! We love it there...we've been going for a week since I was in high school! We usually stay in the blue cottages, which are super gross (lol) but when you spend most of the day on the beach, it doesn't really matter!! We were there in July this year, it was a great year!!!

    1. Oh my gosh... the beach is great, but the cottages...not so much!! LOL!! You are right though, you spend the whole day at the beach!!! I have heard of so many people going there since I mentioned it! Seems to be a vacation gem in these parts!

    2. Haha yes - the cottages leave a lot to be desired! :) But I guess if people keep coming back year after year even being that gross, why put money into them, right? lol It's a great beach, though, and with some cute little places within walking distance, it's really got it all!! The evening fires on the beach are my favorite part :)