Monday, August 20, 2018

Summer Book Review

Hey friends!! So I usually have a recipe to share on Mondays, but well... it just did not happen! I don't know where the last week went and I had no pictures of dinners or recipes, so I moved to Plan B for today's post.
It has been a minute since I shared some of my reads with you! Funny thing, I love Summer reading, but sometimes I find I actually read less in the Summer, because we are so busy doing all the Summer things! 
I love reading on the beach, in a hammock, poolside, on the boat or by the fire. 
Here's a peek at a few of my recent reads!

My Dad gave me this one and I really enjoyed it!
I Am Watching You
 A quick reading thriller that is perfect to read over a weekend. Ella is on a train ride when she overhears two men flirting with some younger girls and something doesn't feel right. She doesn't say anything, only to find out the next day that one of the girls is missing. A year later she is still missing, Ella is overcome with guilt and someone is threatening her. As Ella struggles to make up for not speaking up that fateful night, all sorts of secrets come out.....and everyone seems to be watching Ella. 

 I love Nancy Thayer books in the Summer! I have read a few from her, and grabbed this one at the library.
Heat Wave
Carly suddenly loses her husband Gus and is left widowed at a young age with 2 young girls She is struggling to keep her house and begins to run it as a bed and breakfast. Her in-laws are less than thrilled and she keeps running into her husbands best I'm sure you can guess what happens! It was a fun, light Summer read!

This book seems to keep popping up on blogger posts and social media, so when I saw it at the library I grabbed it.
The Wedding Date
Alexa Monroe gets stuck in an elevator with a handsome doctor who is in town for a wedding. Turns out his date cancelled and Alexa agrees to be his date. They have a great time and both want more, but they live in two different cities and the doctor is a confirmed bachelor. A fun book about a whirlwind romance.... just be warned it maybe a bit R-rated in some parts, in my opinion!

Elin Hilderbrand never disappoints me. 
Silver Girl: A Novel
Meredith is Silver Girl, a woman who had it all, until her husband was indicted on a ponzi scheme and she lost everything and everyone. She reaches out to her childhood friend Connie, with whom she had a rift with a few years ago and has spoken since. She has no one else to turn to and Connie comes to her rescue. Each of the women try to rebuild their lives and their friendship. It was a great story about a lifelong friendship that truly never dies. 

I just got a new stack to read and am halfway through this one....
The It Girls: A Novel
and I am struggling to get into it, but keeping with it!

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Have a great Monday! See you soon, there is always room for one more at our family table.

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