Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Back to School 2018

Well I guess Summer is officially over.....that big yellow bus came to scoop up all the neighborhood kids yesterday.
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This year was a little harder on my heart as we sent Ella off to her first year at middle school. While it's hard to admit it, she is ready.....even if I am not. We watched her go from a very shy girl starting kindergarten to a confident 5th grader that took part in every school activity she could. I never thought I would say this, but I could see that she outgrew the elementary school. Amazing teachers and friends surrounded her for 6 years and she is ready for a new challenge.
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The middle school bus comes about an hour and a half earlier than the elementary school bus...around 7:15am.
Ella was up and ready with half an hour to spare. She was so excited!
Paul was barely awake...we were taking this pic and I said "Paul open your eyes". He was like "Gen, I am trying, they are just not working!"
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My mom came out to see both kids off and did some gardening while waiting for Luke to get up... Thanks Mom!
I think the hardest part of the day for me was not having a picture of the two together in the morning. Like this picture... from 4 years ago...sniff....
Luke was not quite as excited as Ella, but he was more excited than he was willing to let on!
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Luke will do awesome in 4th grade. His big question was "Mama, are we going to have to do Math and stuff today or can we just make friends and talk?" He was hoping to ease his way back in to Math and stuff😉
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The part I liked about the different schedules came in the afternoon. Ella got home first and it was nice to have some one on one time with her to hear all about middle school. By the time we were done chatting, Luke was home so I then I got to hear all about his day too!
And Maddie was so excited to see the bus pull up in the afternoon.....
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Here's to a great year for all the kids, teachers, bus drivers, and families out there!
See you tomorrow, there is always room for one more at our family table.

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  1. My Luke started 4th grade yesterday, too! :) I can only see one picture on this post...not sure if it's my computer or something going on for you but just wanted to let you know!!