Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A Day in the Life, Fall 2018

So I love "Day in the Life" posts. Although some people may find them boring, I love getting a peek into someone's everyday life. I have done these posts a few times, and was in the mood to do another one! If you missed the others you can check them out here....
I planned to blog about my September 26th. I did pretty well taking pics throughout the day, but fell off a little at night. 
Our alarm goes off at 5:25 am everyday. I am usually a snoozer, aka I hit the snooze button once or twice, but on this day I actually got up with my alarm. Also I should really have a more exciting screen saver. I will work on that😉

While Paul gets ready for work, I let the dog out and get some much needed coffee. Maddie is not a get up and go dog in the morning. She likes lots of attention and always "holds my hand" while she thinks about getting up.
After I check to make sure my blog published, I had my coffee and read a little of my book.
Once my eyes were awake and functioning, I got in my workout. I always workout at home and I love it. I can do it when the kids are asleep and don't have leave the house when the weather is bad. And I always have the cutest partner by my side. 
Usually Ella leaves around 7:20 and then I wake up Luke at 8 and he leaves at 8:45. But on this day Ella had an orthodontist appointment and Luke had early morning chorus, so our schedule was a little different. 
Our island is chaotic every morning with everyone getting their stuff together!
We all left together and I dropped Luke off at his buddy's house, and his mom was taking the boys to chorus. Then Ella and I were off to the orthodontist.
Her appointment was pretty quick. They said she should expect getting her braces on in about 2 months. She is excited and nervous about it😉
After I dropped her off I stopped by Panera and treated myself to breakfast and wrote out my to do list. Ella's birthday was the next day, so I had quite a few errands to run.
I stopped by the Dollar Store next to Panera to grab some balloons for the birthday girl. I love balloons, but hate spending money on them so the Dollar Tree is my go to! But I was greeted at the door with this sign.....
Seriously? The one thing I need!
So I popped over to Party City and saw this! What the heck? Apparently there was a helium shoratge, so you could only get up to 24 balloons.
Lucky for my I only needed 3! I popped over to Joann Fabrics for some teal food coloring for her cake and found the cutest little party line. It was all done by color and they had the cutest stuff. And it was all 40% off, so the prices were pretty great too! If you are planning a party with a color theme, you should totally check it out!
After stops at Old Navy, TJ Maxx (they have the best gift boxes and gift wrap), and to get some donut holes I was back home with my helium filled balloons!
I had my favorite chocolate superfoods for lunch while I finished up my blog posts for the week and then wrapped up a few presents.
I had another quick snack and got my materials ready for Girls on the Run. I coach at Ella's school and we had a session at 2:30 that day.
Out the door for practice. We ran for an hour and a half, I dropped off a few friends, picked up Luke and took him to basketball practice.  
While he was at practice I went through school papers, the mail and chopped some fruit for snacks the next day.
We had one of our favorite dishes for dinner...this Roasted Red Pepper and Cashew Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower. It is so good and a new family favorite. I will share the recipe next week.
Cleaned up from dinner, threw in a few loads of laundry and baked up the cakes for the birthday girl!
And then I did not take any more pictures. After my cakes were out of the oven, it was about 8:30. I cleaned up the kitchen, set the coffee maker for the morning and headed upstairs to tuck everyone in. My crew was in bed by 9 and Paul and I were not far behind. We said goodnight  to the kids, watched one episode of Ozark and lights out by 10:30. 
A full Wednesday in our world!
See you soon, there is always room for one more at our family table. 

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