Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide....Gifts for Girls

Today's post is some of my picks for great girl gifts this year.  I would say most of these gifts fall in the tween category, as I look at things my Ella, age 11 would love!

Ok, who had a Caboodles when they were younger?? I did! I got Ella one for her birthday and she just loves it. Now she doesn't really wear makeup yet, but I filled it with a light blush, light eyeshadow, makeup brushes, lip balms, and hair stuff. You could also add nail polish and other fun travel size things!
Retro Caboodles On the Go Girl Case Seafoam Marble - image 2 of 3

So she has the big one and then Target came out with this mini version.Perfect to use when travelling. This is under $8!! Add $10-$15 in fun stuff for the inside and you have a great gift for under $25. Keep this in mind for birthday gifts too!
Caboodles Makeup Bags And Organizers Retro Pretty in Petite - White/Black - image 1 of 3

Ella got one of these last year and loves it. The Instax Mini is a fun camera that prints out mini Polaroid pics. It come in 6 fun colors too!
Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera - image 1 of 6

Ella loves her mini backpack. I think this Gold Mini Backpack is adorable! And like the Caboodle, it would be fun to fill with maybe a hand sanitizer, gum and a small giftcard!
Under One Sky Glitter Mini Backpack - image 1 of 4
Gold Mini Backpack

So I am super hesitant to put this on here, because I am well aware of how most parents feel about slime. Ugh!!! But I am also aware of how most 10 year old girls feel about slime. Love! I saw this Fluffy Slime Kit and I know Ella will just love it. It has pretty colors and mix-ins and well I will take one for the team and be ordering one for her. #mayregretitlater

Fluffy Slime Kit

If your crew is not into the mix-ins or you don't want to deal with them, this Ultimate Slime Kit is a fun option too!
Elmer's 10ct Ultimate Slime Kit - image 1 of 6

I always like for the kids to have some gifts that will keep them busy over Christmas break. This Friendship Bracelet Kit is something I think Ella would have fun with. It has amazing reviews, so I am hoping it is easy to use. You can also get refill packs and create all kinds of bracelets to give your friends in the new year!

Last year Ella was obsessed with Squishies! She is not as into them now, but if you have a girl that loves squishies, this set is adorable! You get all 6 for under $20. So, so cute!


Every year I am sure to gift my kids something to read. The Land of Stories series is the latest reading obsession right now. It's a fun story based on many different well known kids' stories and both Ella and Luke have read them.

Land of Stories Complete Paperback Gift Set -  (Land of Stories) by Chris Colfer - image 1 of 1

Who doesn't love a fun holiday mug?? This Llama Mug is so fun, and will probably make it's way to Ella before Christmas. That way she can use it all December!
16oz Porcelain Fa La La Llama Mug Blue - Thresholdâ„¢ - image 1 of 1
Ella LOVES her Happy Planner. I loved hers so much, I got one too! They are easy to write in and have the cutest stickers to add. This one is a set that comes with the planner and a bunch of stickers. Most craft stores (Joann's, Hobby Lobby) carry fun sticker packs too!
Happy Planner

Obviously you need cute pens to write in your planner! These Gel Pens are perfect. So many fun colors and refills....perfect for coordinating dates in your planner 😉

Gel Pens

Ella loves her  Echo Dot Kid's Edition. She uses it all the time as her alarm, to listen to music, ask "Alexa" and she has it play "soothing music" to put her to bed. It feels like a grown up thing to have and well, that's always fun. You can connect them to others in the house and communicate too. No more screaming up the stairs "Dinner is ready"... you can just call into their rooms 😉

Echo Dot Kid's Edition

Ella loves home decor, and while I know most kids are not into interior design, a  Fuzzy Blanket is always a good idea! I love the pattern on this one and it just looks so comfy!
Plush Flower Fleece Sherpa Backed Throw - Yorkshire Home - image 1 of 4
Fuzzy Blanket

This Summer, one of Ella's friends had an underwater camera and she loved it. This Underwater Camera has great reviews and is under $40!!! I think it is perfect for our Winter trip to Florida and to use all Summer in the pool or at the lake. A fun and different gift idea.

Underwater Camera

So those are my ideas for girls! Coming tomorrow are some ideas for boys and then Friday I'll share some family gift ideas. Gifts for both boys and girls or gifts that could be given to both!
If you have any great ideas for girls, share them in the comments!!
Have the best day!
See you tomorrow, there is always room for one more at our family table.
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