Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday....November Edition

Hey friends!!! Here we are, wrapping up November. I feel like this month has flown by, but that's ok with me because it means December is on it's way!!
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Today I am linking up with ShayMel and Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday, November Edition. 

 A fun monthly post where we answer these questions....

What we're eating this week......
I am keeping it simple this week, with a favorite Sheet Pan Supper.

and Ella's favorite soup!

What I'm reminiscing about.......
All the wedding fun we had last month. 

And the three days of Fall. I feel like we went right from Summer to Winter! 

What I'm loving.....
Looking at this everyday. Give me all the twinkle lights!

What we've been up to......
I shared a little Life Lately post last week and you can check out what we have been doing. Nothing too exciting...kind of a lull between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Ella and I completed our second 5k together. So fun!

What I'm dreading....
This is my favorite time of year, so nothing 😉

What I'm working on......
Cleaning out stuff we don't need or use. I have been trying to pick an area or two each week...small spaces, like a section of cupboards or a closet and really clean out what we don't need. I have been donating things I haven't used or no longer need and tossing any junk. Taking it in small sections has been much more manageable and I feel like I am getting something done!

What I'm excited about......
Can I say everything?? All things Christmas, my birthday, I just love December!!!

What I'm watching/reading.....
I am planning to share some of my recent reads in a blog post next week. But here is a peek at two I just finished and loved them both!
25734248The Family Next Door: A Novel
And Paul and I recently started watching this series on Amazon Prime. 
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I was super excited because I love Julia Roberts, but this is just plain bizarre to me. We are like 5 episodes in and I just don't get it. But the episodes are just under 30 minutes, so we are sticking with it and hoping something clicks soon. Anyone out there watching this??? Would love to hear your thoughts!

What I'm listening to......
I mean do you really have to ask???
Christmas music. All day. Everyday.

What I'm wearing......
All the cozy things, like these UGG Slippers on my feet everyday!!!
UGG Women's Ansley Moccasin, Slate, 7 M US
UGG Slippers

What I'm doing this weekend......
I am finishing up some decorating around the house in between Luke's basketball games and Ella's holiday dance performance. And maybe a little wrapping if I am feeling ambitious 😉

What I'm looking forward to next month.....
All the things Christmas, but especially our Gingerbread Party. It's my most favorite Christmas tradition.

What else is new.....
We ran our first family race together on Thanksgiving. We did the Turkey Trot and the kids did amazing. 3.4 miles in 6 degree weather to start our Thanksgiving Day!
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If you missed any gift guides, you can check them all out here. Some great gift ideas to help you get your shopping done!

Gifts for Her

Gift Guide....Gifts for Guys
Bonus Question....What's your favorite Elf on the Shelf trick??
Does the thought of what tricks he will do or where he will hide each day stress you out??? Make a plan. I write out the dates from his arrival to his departure and fill in what he will do or where he will hide each day. If he brings "special things" throughout the month, get that stuff now. That way you are not scrambling what to do or trying to think of ideas. There are a ton of ideas and calendars out there to get some ispiration 
That way each night you can check the list and sleep more soundly! Now remembering to check the list each night.....that's another story!!!

See you soon friends, there is always room for one more at our family table.
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  1. Your mantle is amazing!! We're attempting to make a log cabin instead of a gingerbread house (using pretzel rods instead of cookies...). Hopefully it turns out well.